Do’s & Don’ts of Proposing on Valentine’s Day-MainPhoto

Do’s & Don’ts of Proposing on Valentine’s Day-MainPhoto

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, right? Well, that depends on how you spend it. More guys propose to their girlfriends on February 14 than any other, with 10 percent of all  proposals occurring on this day every year. If you’re planning to propose, you’re likely feeling the pressure as the big day approaches. Consider these tips before popping the question.

Assuming your lady love is the most special person in the world to you, you need to make your proposal equally special. Instead of the same old technique of getting down on one knee in a restaurant, add some creativity and make it meaningful. One man, knowing his girlfriend was dying for the latest iPhone, programmed Siri to propose for him as soon as she turned it on. Another arranged a series of puppies to walk by their park bench, each one wearing part of a marriage proposal on its t-shirt. Find something that will add a little twist, and give her a special proposal story to tell for ages.

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Hiding the ring in a drink or dessert is a long-held proposal tradition, but this is a bad idea for more than one reason. Unless your special gal is known for her bird-like eating habits, you run the risk of her swallowing a few of thousand dollars-worth of expensive jewelry! Even if she does manage to find the ring without actually having it in her mouth, who really wants to put on a ring that’s sticky with champagne or chocolate? Keep it clean and pristine, and place the ring on her finger like a gentleman.

Even if your proposal is a little out of the ordinary, it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some classic elements. Look for a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers to present after she accepts. Arrange to have a special song played in the background. Have your picture taken, showcasing the ring, for the traditional engagement shot.

Here’s our biggest piece of advice: don’t pop the question unless you’re certain she’ll say yes! The internet is full of people who propose marriage and get turned down, from guys at private parties to those who want to make a big splash and do it nationally at sporting events. If there is any chance that your girlfriend isn’t sure about your future, wait a little longer before you pop the question. The day you become engaged will be special and memorable regardless of when it happens, so it’s well worth the wait. Don’t give in to pressure to propose before both of you are ready—you’ll spare yourselves lots of embarrassment, and possibly even your relationship.