Of course you want to enjoy yourself and, though you shouldn’t consider this a vacation from healthy eating, you shouldn’t totally deprive yourself either. Moderation is key to keeping your diet in check and there are a few other simple ways to keep indulgences under control without ruining the fun.

First, skip the soda and stick to water. If plain water doesn’t do it for you, try adding lemon or go for seltzer when you want something fizzy. When booking your hotel, get a room with a kitchen — or even just a fridge — so you can eat in for at least one meal a day. Bring fruits and veggies to snack on when you’re out and about. They’re healthy and they’ll help fill you up so you won’t scarf down everything in sight at the end of the day. Also, try to stick to a regular meal schedule whenever possible — pack lunches when you’re going to be out all day.

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