Your rising sign can affect your outward personality, and your actual physical appearance as well. As Always Astrology reports, “The Ascendant takes part in your appearance and personality, going as far as influencing physical characteristics sometimes. The Sign becomes expressed in your image, style and mannerisms. It is also expressed in how you act.”

So why does this sign matter? Well, it’s no secret that first impressions matter. The way the world sees you can have a major impact on the way you act and the amount of success you are able to achieve. And this holds true in both your personal relationships and your career. As Psychology Today reports, according to Arthur Dobrin, D.S.W., author and Professor Emeritus at Hofstra University, “first impressions matter, for good and bad. They are fine when you like someone on first meeting; they are not so fine when the first meeting is negative. Positive first impressions lead to social cohesion; negative first impressions lead to biases and social prejudice.” When it comes to a job interview or a business meeting, the way you are perceived when you first walk into that room can set the tone for your entire encounter and affect the likelihood that you’ll get the job or the business.