14. Kelly Osborne & Miley Cyrus
Former wild child Osborne defends her unlikely friendship with Cyrus. “She’s not fake,” Osborne says of her friend. As co-host of celebrity bashing Fashion Police we’re betting Osborne spends a lot of time lobbying for her friend.

15. Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong Un
Bizarre is really the only word for Dennis Rodman. The former NBA superstar is an unlikely choice for diplomat but there he is, sitting beside North Korea’s dictator, Ki Jong Un. Side by side at a basketball game, the two appear to enjoy either other’s company.  This one feels like a bad dream somehow.

16. Woody Allen & Lindsay Lohan
They had dinner together and discussed the possibility of doing a movie. Since Allen is reportedly in a rocky marriage with his wife, who formerly was also his adopted stepdaughter, maybe he’s on the hunt for a new child-wife?