What we especially love about fried eggs is their simplicity, versatility and wide appeal. Roger Vergé, a forefather of nouvelle cuisine, knew how seductive the promise of fried eggs could be on his friends. “Many is the time that I have suddenly had a longing for three fried eggs —usually after midnight, when I am among friends, and guests who have finished dinner and are mulling away the evening with a liqueur. The sight of the eggs cooking is too much for them all, and they always end up by joining me. I know few dishes so powerful!” Here are 10 unique and delectable ways to fry the beloved egg for you and your friends today.

1. Thai Style Crispy Fried Egg
Have you’ve ever eaten crispy fried eggs in the streets of Thailand, cooked in so much oil that it sputters and spits before it’s placed down on your plate all crispy, lacy-edged, and runny over your delicious dish of rice or noodles? Oh, then you must!

2. Fried Eggs with Wine Vinegar
Gourmet Foodie Roger Vergé’s favorite way to fry four large brown eggs includes two tablespoons of butter, four tablespoons of good wine vinegar and a dab of salt and pepper.