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Why are tweens trend setters in the eyes of PR and marketing companies? Los Tweenstell us exactly why!

Alright tween parents, brace yourselves!  The Intelligence Group’s newest Cassandra Report on tweens and marketing is one that will shock you.  They found that children ages 7-12 are “extremely influential” when it comes to big and small household purchases and they’re armed with information to back up their opinions.

If you have a tween living in your house, I’m pretty sure you already know this.  The information was gathered for marketers (probably those that don’t have children) but let’s look it over from a parent’s perspective.

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74% of tweens would rather work for themselves than work for someone else.  Are they talking about currently or in the future? My tween already thinks she should make her own rules about how and when she does chores.  Which leads to the next finding, 56% of tweens want instant gratification.  This statistic bothers me the most.  Are we rewarding our children after each and every task they accomplish?  Are we creating a generation that expects rewards right away?  Stop and think about the way that you are providing incentives for your children.  Do you give them a project that takes a long time to accomplish and multiple steps or simple tasks?

I LOVE this statistic: 41% of tween girls would rather make something themselves than buy it. Perhaps it should be a little higher but for now I’m happy that our girls are giving innovation a chance.

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