Dangers-of-Texting-for-Teens-and-Tweens-mainphotoAsk any mother how she feels about her kids’ texting habits, and she’s likely to cite a laundry list of concerns. It’s dangerous; it’s rude; it’s taking time away from schoolwork…just to name a few. We investigate the top five worries to find out the truth about texting.

Worrying that your kid is being rude when he or she texts all the time is perfectly valid. After all, the times they shouldn’t be texting seems to outnumber the instances when it’s all right. So when is it not appropriate for children to text? Having dinner, during family time, or while doing homework, says Judy Davidds-Wright, mother of two girls and a Certified International Protocol and Social Etiquette Consultant. But keep in mind that if you don’t like it when Junior whips out a cell phone during dinner, then Mom and Dad shouldn’t either; as with all good manners, the most effective way to teach them is to model them yourself.

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