While the jury is out on the safety of the chemicals in self-tanning products, it is clear that oral consumption is unsafe. Now, I know you don’t put self-tanner on your baby and especially not in his or her mouth, but your baby could be ingesting your self-tanner without you realizing it. Here’s how: the typical application of self-tanning cream is all over the body after a shower. Then, a mother might pick up and soothe her baby by breastfeeding or cuddling later in the day. If the self-tanning cream or lotion hasn’t been washed off the nipple, she’s just fed it to her baby, even hours later. Further, babies are touchy little creatures who like to hold hands, pinch skin, and grab their mother’s chest while nursing. Then, those little hands end up in their drooly little mouths. Again, if self-tanner was not thoroughly washed off the mother’s skin, it’s being ingested by baby.