Top Nail Colors for the Holidays-Neutral

Recommendations: butter London La Moss Nail Lacquer ($14); MAC Cosmetics Nail Lacquer Rebel ($16); OPI Nail Lacquer Lincoln Park After Dark ($7); Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Gel Nail Color Pat on the Black ($14).

Now and then, we all prefer low key options. And why not? A neutral mani looks polished and clean, and chips are less likely to show. Do be sure to keep your under nails dirt-free—unless you’re a mechanic working on Christmas Eve, nobody will be pleased.

French manicures have been on the blacklist of beauty editors for years (long nails + white, unnatural tips=tacky to the max). However, things are starting to change now that Chanel brought the French manicure back in its latest fashion show. The trick here is to make a fine white line—again, your nails must be short—and top off with a pinkish shade for a refined finish. No matter the style, hydrate your cuticles as much as you can and buff your nails. This way, any yellow tone or uneven surfaces will disappear.