I am embarking upon a journey of healing, with professional help, trying to get a handle on this monster on my back. And to my great delight, one of the unexpected side effects has been a healthier relationship with eating, and a loss of weight. We often say that there is a bias against fat people in our culture, but I don’t think it’s that simple. I think there is a biological basis for this inherent revulsion toward people who are obese. The physical body is truly a manifestation of our emotional well-being. People who are fat, as I was, walk around wearing their extra pounds as a flashing neon sign to others, advertising their emotional problems. Our bodies are the best barometer we have of how well we are doing, mentally. I know this statement will upset a lot of people, but I posit that most of that upset comes from the discomfort of recognizing a difficult truth.

To fix our bodies, we must first fix our souls. It’s as simple as that.