I began to research this, realizing it was absolutely holding me captive in my own life, and was led to a therapist who wasted no time in diagnosing me with a mood disorder. I have what is called Borderline Personality Disorder. This disorder has a very bad rap among mental health specialists, because we’re the people who go nuts when someone breaks up with us, we’re the ones who try to kill ourselves, we’re the ones who sometimes turn on our own therapists, even, because we tend to have very black and white thinking. BPD has such a bad rap, in fact, that I hesitate to disclose this to you now, but I do so because I truly believe the truth will set us free. I’m not perfect. I have a disorder. I got it honestly, through a combination of biology and suffering, and I am working very, very hard to figure out how to handle it before it’s too late.