Just like all in life, there a different strokes for different folks.  The freestyle, the fastest of the competitive swimming strokes, tones your glutes, abs, shoulders and back, according to the Daily Mail. If you want to improve you posture, do the backstroke. The butterfly is ideal for strengthening the core. The crawl is great for building stamina and a mean cardiovascular workout. Legs and inner thighs feel flabby? The breaststroke will tone those up in no time. Your goal should be to smoothly execute all the strokes without thrashing around; it will only exhaust you all the quicker.

When thinking about swimming technique, remember that a basic workout structure should include a warm-up (it can include swimming), technique work, a main set, a kick or pull set, and a cool-down.  If you still find yourself struggling with boredom, know that lone lap swimming is not for everyone. But before you quit, seek a training partner or a coached squad workout, professional swimmers say that having a friend there can do wonders not only for your motivation, but your muscles.