Consider the timing of your bucket list. Some items might be better to save for another time in your life, especially if you currently have financial limitations or a job commitment. On the flip side, other items might be best tackled now when you are young and healthy (and possibly child-free). So stagger your list and break it out by things you want to do now, things you will do before you start a family, things you’ll do in your 40s etc. And be specific; the more detail you use when you plan your list, the more likely you are to actually make it happen. As for the items you want to do now, don’t wait until it’s urgent. There’s never been a better time in your life to actually feel alive.

And when you have your doubts (and you will), just follow the advice of motivational speaker and author Mike Robbins: “don’t take it or yourself too seriously—it’s just life. You’re allowed to make mistakes, screw things up and fall down (which everyone does and always will). Be kind to yourself in this process. Remember your intentions (those states of being and authentic desires) are what you’re truly after, not the specific outcomes or actions.” Be open to the adventures you’re about to have, and go for it!