If you need a little inspiration, then you’re in luck…there are tons of resources to help you think about your dreams and adventures. After all, it can be hard to wrap your head around what you are capable of when you’re stuck in your daily routine. You can peruse other peoples’ bucket lists, ask a friend who happens to be a tad more adventurous than you, read books about trying something new, or check out online tools that can help you start to craft your list. Whatever tools you use, use them with an open mind, free of judgment and “I could never do that” doubts.  If you dream it, you can do it. Never underestimate what is possible if you think big and are willing to work for something.

Ok, so you have your bucket list, now what? Some people are incredibly strong and independent—they’re able to embark into unknown territory without the comfort of a loved one by their side. Other people need a little push and a little support by having a partner in crime to tackle their bucket list with. (Guilty.) So pick a friend, grab your sibling, or make a pact with your partner to kick off your adventure together. After all, you’ll feel most accomplished and proud when you don’t only push yourself to your limits, but you help someone else achieve a goal as well.