When you do think about your passions, be curious and be open to exploration. What you are passionate about might not be anything you have even tried before. It might be some activity you’ve been too nervous to investigate, or it might be about finding a new solution to a problem that exists rather than doing something that’s already been done. Don’t be afraid to enter uncharted territory and look around a little. Embrace all of your interests (no matter how silly you may think they are) until you find something that sticks and that moves you.

When in doubt, go outside and look at the world around you. Sometimes we get so used to sitting at a desk all day that we forget to appreciate the amazing things that exist around us. Open your eyes, take a deep breath and spend a few minutes learning something new about your surroundings. And don’t forget to socialize. We are not meant to live in solitude and true success and fulfillment doesn’t come independently—you need to meet new people, collaborate with others, learn from their experiences and be inspired by the success of friends, family, mentors and colleagues. When you’re in a rut, sometimes all you need is a little boost from a loved one to put things in perspective.