Don’t be afraid to quit. No one likes to drop out of a project or commitment, because quitting can feel like failure. But if you’re doing something that doesn’t satisfy you or make you happy, or worse, if you’re doing it every day, then you’re wasting your life. And if there was ever a reason to quit, it’s because your actions aren’t fulfilling you. According to Deena Varshavskaya, CEO of Wanelo and Forbes contributor, sometimes quitting what isn’t working for you can help you figure out what will work. She explains, “what happens when you leave even without knowing what you will do next is that, suddenly, figuring out your next steps becomes urgent. That urgency may be a bit uncomfortable, but it can also be incredibly powerful because it frees you up to invest all of your energy into finding the next thing.” She should know, she founded her startup company Wanelo after leaving a job that was not right for her.