If someone asks you what you are passionate about and you’re not immediately sure of your answer, you need some inspiration. A great place to start is to go back in time. Stop focusing on your day-to-day life, and instead think about your childhood. What did you love to do when you were a kid, and you were motivated by joy and passion rather than success? Rob Levit, a creativity expert, speaker and business consultant, argues that “it’s amazing how disconnected we become to the things that brought us the most joy in favor of what’s practical.”  So make a concerted effort to change your focus. Think about what made you laugh, smile and feel energized when you were a kid. Did you love sports? Animals? Traveling? Cooking? Did you love to draw? Or run really fast? Whatever it was, start with those activities—they could open your mind to new passions you never knew you had.

Next when it comes to dealing with boredom, create a dream bored to inspire you. We all forget to focus on what makes us happy when we’re too busy taking out the trash, meeting deadlines, calling back our mother, cooking dinner for our kids etc. Make a visual board with images, quotes, memories and words that motivate you to take action. When you get bored, look at those inspirational images and let them give you a little boost of energy so you don’t get stuck in your comfort zone.