Another way to really win at closet organization for the new season is to not just change what items you keep, but change up how to store them. This may be the OCD talking, but organizing your clothes by color can really change your getting-dressed routine and make your day easier. You will find clothes faster (no more wasting 20 minutes searching for that green silk top that’s shoved in the back of your closet) and have an easier time figuring out what you want to wear in the first place. Plus, it looks really pretty.

Want a simple way to transform your closet as you decide what to store/purge/keep? Three words: get new hangers. If you’re like us then your closet is a dumping ground for old hangers from your college dorm (yes they are VERY old), from the dry cleaners and from department stores. Some are wooden, some plastic, some falling apart, some way bulkier than others and all of them are making your closet look like a mess. Invest in a uniform hanger set so that your clothes will all measure up nicely and you will have an easier time not only organizing your closet now, but also every single time you put a pair of pants away. These small steps take a little effort today, but they pay off big-time throughout the year, and we promise, you’ll be thanking us every morning when you’re getting dressed for your day.