Eyebrows are one of the smallest and most underappreciated features on your face, and yet they can alter your appearance completely. They express your mood and they frame your face. And chances are, they’re feeling a little neglected lately. We’re talking about perfect eyebrows, and we’re here to help you show a little love to the tiny arches on your brow that can enhance your face and give a boost to your overall look.

According to brow specialist Maribeth Madron, “The full-brow trend started about five years ago and is just now crashing into the mainstream.” Defined brows are one of the hottest beauty trends of 2014, so isn’t it time you hop on board the brow train? Check out these 10 tips for perfect eyebrows.

1. Define brows with a pencil.
For the best eyebrows, before you do anything (pluck, wax, decorate…) to your brows, define them. Using a brow pencil, fill them in and define the edges so that you are sure not to overdue it once you get to work.

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