Faster Method, Japanese Style. The fastest way to make a gourmet-like homemade iced coffee is what is referred to as the “Japanese style,” which calls for double-strength hot coffee to be filtered directly onto ice. Chains such as Starbucks use a version of this method. First, make an extra strong hot pot of coffee like you normally do it and factor in the amount of water you use.  For instance if you fill about 9 oz. of water in your stove top Italian Espresso maker , use 9 ice cubes; if it’s 8 oz. in your Mr. Coffee pot, use 8 ice cubes, etc. Once it’s ready, slowly drip your hot brewed coffee over the ice (use a glass recipient), which dilutes it to the correct strength. This slow drip/slow pour method locks in the flavor and aromatics of the coffee, reducing oxidation.  If you leave the coffee hot and then add ice, it adds oxygen leaving it tasting stale or sour. Then add your sweetener and/or milk and stir. It’s so rich in flavor; you may forego adding anything, except more time in the day to enjoy another one.