So how do you make your fruit platter look so perfect? A few tricks to try: First, you can color coordinate, meaning you select different types of fruit from one color group (think reds, blues, oranges etc.) Another tip is to focus on symmetry and organization. A neatly arranged platter is interesting to look at and has a wow factor that a haphazard fruit salad lacks. Ina Garten (aka Barefoot Contessa) agrees that a fruit platter “can look like a bowl of M&M’s if there are too many colors scattered with no order. Visually, your eye needs to have a focal point and to be able to see each type of fruit.” Lastly, vary the size of your fruits. Garten says she likes “to have one thing that is taller than the rest, such as a large bunch of grapes or a decoratively cut papaya, to give the platter height.”