Once you have chosen your cheeses, you need to pick the right accompaniments and bread/crackers. It’s not as simple as cheese + bread + jam = yum. Well, it’s almost that simple, but if you want your cheese plate to stand out, then there’s a little more to it than that. Offer a selection of bread and crackers so that people can pick what suits their mood and what goes best with their cheese of choice. Breadsticks and crackers provide a nice crunch to complement soft cheeses, while softer slices of bread provide a nice palette for hard cheese and cheese spreads. And keep the flavor of your bread products neutral; you don’t want the seasoning or seeds to overwhelm your cheese. And to add a little more punch to each bite of cheese you serve, include some toppings. Sweet jams, tart chutneys, honey, olive tapenade etc. can each help bring out the flavor of the cheese and provide balance. Don’t be afraid to mix salty with sweet.

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