Jamie Lynne Grumet
, the woman now famous for appearing on the cover of TIME magazine breastfeeding her then-three-year-old son, is once again featured on a magazine cover, and once again, she’s breastfeeding. But instead of looking like a haughty supermodel who just happened to have a toddler attached to her breast, on the new cover of the quarterly Pathways to Family Wellness, Grumet appears with her entire family—sons Aram, now four (who is again shown nursing), Sam, five, and husband Brian.

And while she still looks like a supermodel, the cover shot is a warm family portrait, a far cry from the instantly—and intentionally—controversial TIME cover.

To recap, Grumet is a proponent of “attachment parenting,” which is typified by long-term breastfeeding—until children are up to six years old, co-sleeping, and the wearing of babies in slings or carriers as opposed to strollers. Between the cover and the few quotes from Grumet in the TIME issue, the attachment mom didn’t come off so well; she appeared defiant and entitled, and judgmental of parents who didn’t follow the attachment parenting method.

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Instead, Pathways to Wellness offers a more complete, and, perhaps, fairer profile of Grumet, who said that of the TIME cover, “The first time I saw it, I just thought, ugh.” She also shares that she regretted the inflammatory TIME headline, “Are You Mom Enough?”

In all, Grumet comes across much more positively in the Pathways piece. But we still don’t understand why she and her family have to be so damned good-looking!

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