How The Voice Can Inspire You to Pursue Your Dreams-MainPhoto

How The Voice Can Inspire You to Pursue Your Dreams-MainPhoto

NBC’s “The Voice” is in its fifth season and more popular than ever, thanks to a dynamic, fast-moving format that strays from the typical talent-show/mentor mold. And like its predecessors American Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent, “The Voice” is all about pursuing your dreams against formidable odds, and making them come true. Here are five ways “The Voice” can teach us to pursue ours:

Remember that everyone is equal: One of the unique features of “The Voice” is its blind auditions—and they really are just that. At audition time, the judges—who this season are Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green—turn their swivel chairs away from the stage so that they hear only the person’s voice. If they like what they hear, they request the artist for their team. That their choices are not based on the singer’s appearance puts everyone on a level playing field, and proves that talent trumps looks or style.

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You get second chances: Too often, large or small setbacks can derail our dreams. But on “The Voice,” if one judge cuts you from his team, another can “steal” you onto hers. These steals—initiated in Season 3, allow a talented singer to be paired with a different mentor and continue to prove her worth.

Life and opportunity move fast: Part of the appeal of “The Voice” is its fast-paced unpredictability. Contestants often don’t know until the last minute who’ll they’ll be pitted against in weekly competition, so they have to stay on their toes and make snap decisions that could alter their destiny! It sounds a lot like life, and opportunity. To follow your dreams, you have to be ready to grab the ring.

People believe in you: Surrounding yourself with people who support your dreams is essential, as “The Voice” contestants soon figure out. Each week, the bottom three contestants—who risk elimination—must rely on the votes of the viewing public to for an “instant save.” Viewers tweet their votes, and the singer with the strongest fan base gets saved to sing for another week.

You need a great mentor: When you have a big dream, the right mentor can help you make it a reality. Just look at “The Voice”: for three out of four seasons, country star Blake Shelton has mentored a contestant to victory. That just goes to show that finding the right mentor—one who believes in your dream almost as much as you do—can make all the difference in the world.