You will get a glimpse into the Pope’s world
This book is unlike other religious books because it documents the Pope’s daily homilies each morning. Every day, shortly after 7 am, the pope delivers personal sermons (no script, no notes) in the simple chapel in his residence. Unlike previous popes, Pope Francis chose not to live in the Papal Palace and instead set up residence in a room in a building called the Domus Sanctae Marthae. His daily homilies are delivered to local people—maids, caretakers, families, police officers, gardeners—and they will provide readers with a view of papal life that most people never get to experience (until now).

You will be inspired
Whether you consider yourself to be a religious person or not, the excerpts from Pope Francis’ sermons will surely move you and make you think differently about your life, your community, your beliefs, and the role you play in your world. His thoughts are profound and full of hope, and the highlights showcase the most powerful moments from his homilies, so you are sure to be inspired.

You will gain a new understanding of who Pope Francis truly is
These sermons are not scripted and are not written by anyone else. In an interview with Gary Jansen, the editor of “Encountering Truth”, he explains, “in keeping with the humbling of the Church, Pope Francis uses these services to talk to regular people. Pope Francis doesn’t use notes—the sermons are off-the-cuff—so there is a rawness to them. They’re organic. They can be a little messy at times, too…because these sermons are essentially just the Pope “winging it.” By showcasing the pope in his raw element, you will get a true sense of who he really is, and what he stands for. No politics, no elaborate ceremonies or distractions…just his words for you to digest.