Hail the Fail 15 Reasons why Failure is Your Best Friend-MainPhoto


9. All of the Greats Have Failed
Never forget that successful people—people who have changed the world–have failed. Steve Jobs was a college dropout who went on to co-found Apple. And don’t forget that at one point Jobs was even ousted as CEO, only to return to bring Apple back to a state of greatness. Know your worth, believe in your future, and don’t let the failures sideline you. And when they do, think about the hugely successful people who had to fail to achieve their mission.

10. From the Ashes…
Good things come to those who wait fail. Yes, you need to work hard, but failure is often one step on the road to success. Overcoming adversity can lead to greatness. Just think about Oprah Winfrey, who was fired from her first TV job, only to create her own media empire and become the queen of TV talk shows. Or Albert Einstein who had trouble learning as a young child, but went on to win the Nobel Prize in Physics for his theory of relativity. Failing does not mean ultimate failure; it means you have things to work through so you can achieve ultimate success.