Samuel Adams Summer Ale
Perhaps the most well known of our picks, this season ale gets its name and its fame for a reason. It is easy to drink, light but flavorful with a hint of lemon and spice.

Shipyard Summer Ale
The Shipyard Brewing Company is located in Portland, Maine—a place that is exceptionally beautiful once the summer months hit, so it makes perfect sense that their summer brew would be equally special. This refreshing craft beer resembles a traditional American wheat beer, and it is light enough to be refreshingly cool on hot days.

Hitichino Nest White Ale
The only Japanese beer to make this list, this brew is available year-round but tastes especially good in the summer when the weather is warm and a crisp, cold beer tastes just right. This white ale is a bit tart, a bit spicy, smooth and light and a little more carbonated than most beers, which makes it extra refreshing for summer.

Shock Top Belgian White
The presence of coriander mixed with orange, lemon and lime peels gives this beer its unique taste, and the fact that it is unfiltered gives it a unique body and natural cloudiness. This beer is so perfect for warm weather and fresh air that it was originally called “Spring Heat Spiced Wheat.”