11. It gives you the chance to buy some of the cool new stamps in print.
We’re not saying you should start collecting stamps, but if you wanted to, you’d certainly have options. And even if you’re just buying stamps for functional purposes, you can have fun picking them out. Did you know they have stamps for holidays and themes? They also have limited edition designs or you can even get personalized stamps with your own photo, monogram or message.

12. Everyone needs a good pen.
Back-to-school shopping was always our favorite, and we’re not even talking about the clothes. Walking into an office supply shop and buying all of the notebooks, pens and tools we would need for the year felt like a fresh start. And all these years later (don’t ask how many, we’ll never tell) it’s still exciting to get your hands on a really great pen. Plus, a good pen can change the way you write, so make sure to test out different pen types before committing.

13. It provides the recipient with something special to keep and cherish.
Yes, emails last forever, but that doesn’t mean you ever really cherish their existence. A handwritten note is something the recipient can keep, can look back on and can smile about when they think of the joy it brought them. We still have letters we received at camp and cards from our wedding day. They really do still feel special years later.

14. It’s exciting to get mail.
Opening your mailbox used to be fun before it was overflowing with bills, solicitations and junk. Make the mail fun again by sending handwritten cards that will bring your loved ones excitement rather than dread.