The 10 Best Gifts for Young Scientists

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6. Snap Circuits SC-300 —This educational kit is loaded with more than 300 projects to build. For example, kids can learn how transistors and capacitors function, and how to make time-delay circuits. In addition, this version includes circuits showing how oscillators and photo sensors work. Projects involve an AM Radio, Burglar Alarm, Radio Announcer and more. Contains more than 60 parts. Ages 8 and up.

7. Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit —Use the tests that are used in real crime labs to analyze the ink in a mystery note, match fingerprints, test powders & suspicious liquids, and learn how to identify DNA samples! Along the way, your kid will gain practice with observational skills, critical thinking, and detail orientation. You may just enlighten the next forensic scientist or crime scene investigator! Ages 8 and up.