The 10 Best Gifts for Young Scientists


4. Sci-ology —Award-winning science game. The goal is to collect the most quartets (groups of four) by using memory and strategy skills. At the same time, this fast-paced game introduces players to the different fields of science while learning fun facts provided on each card (such as, “The giant clam can be 4.5 feet tall and weigh 500 pounds”). Sci-ology is a fascinating game that is a blast for the whole family and will be played over and over again for many years to come. 48 oversized (4″ x 6″) colorful fun fact-filled cards. Ages 5 and up.

5. Volcano Madness —Young Scientists discover volcanoes and their structures by creating and designing a volcano and by getting to touch, feel, and experiment with real volcanic rock called pumice. Ultimate explosion solutions are created by measuring and mixing different substances in test tubes. This kit finishes with the roaring experience of volcanic eruptions that Young Scientists will want to repeat over and over again. Ages: 5 and up.