The 10 Best Gifts for Young Scientists


2. Science on a Nature Walk —Field experiments galore! What can be more fun than exploring science through real field experiments on a nature walk? Young explorers can find animal tracks and fossilize them, find treasures on a scavenger hunt, make their own compass, perform leaf chromatography, and make a bug house. This kit includes all the necessary tools, so put on your shoes and get ready to discover and explore! Ages: 4 and up.

3. GeoSafari Talking Microscope —Introduce your children to the exciting world of insects and more! Kids can examine all sorts of critters on 12 prepared interactive slides while details are spoken in fact mode or as a fun quiz game. Features 5X focusing magnifier and a light for easy viewing. Comes with Talking Microscope unit, 12 prepared interactive slides, and slide storage box. Ages 5 and up.