5 Great Kids’ Books on Kindness & Gratitude-Photo2
2. Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks
by Margaret Sutherland
The Thanksgiving holiday should help us remember what we are thankful for every day. Sutherland’s book helps children take stock of all they have to be grateful for, from the shoes on their feet to their parents, to their favorite book. At the end, it asks readers to make their own gratitude list.

3. Andy and the Lion by James Henry Daugherty
Based on the tale of Androcles and the lion, this fable—with great illustrations—is an all-time favorite and one of the best Thanksgiving books for kids. The message of the power of gratitude is spread all across the pages, as Andy comes to the aid of the lion and the lion helps him in return. This book is a great tool for reminding our children about the power of helping others without expecting anything in return.