These days, teens have become increasingly resourceful when it comes to getting high. Remember when risky behavior meant toking up under the bleachers at school? (Are we dating ourselves here?) Your teen might be getting high in ways you never could have imagined thanks to bizarre trends that go viral through social media. From YouTube videos to blog post tutorials, teenagers are sharing their weird ways to get high.

How do you stop it? Once you know about these weird ways to get high, talk to your kid about them! If your teen understands the dangers of engaging in this type of activity, they’ll be less likely to partake. Need some inspiration? Look to Lindsay Lohan, who recently said, “Substance abuse is a disease which doesn’t go away quickly. I’m working hard to overcome it,” and she wasn’t lying.


1. Beezin
Beezin’ is named after Burt’s Bees lip balms with peppermint oil. Users rub the lip balm on and around their eyelids, making the area sting and tingle and they report feeling a sort of ‘high’ along with it. In fact, they’re putting themselves at risk of conjunctivitis, herpes and an ulcer of the eye. So totally not worth it.

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