Tyler Posey’s Mom on Raising a TV Star


Mamiverse: What is it like to be a parent of a movie star?
Garcia: I love it. He and I traveled a lot together when he was younger. I was a pretty cool stage mom, if I can say so myself. I made sure he had a lot fun wherever we were. He saw a lot of the world before he was a teenager. Of course being away from home so much presented us with some challenges. He was lonely without his brothers and his dad, so wherever we were working the family would join us for a few weeks at a time. It was a bit difficult for him to be in school while working on a TV or film set too, but I worked with his on-set tutors and we would incorporate a lot of field trips into his curriculum, or we would do really cool projects. Having a prop master on hand helped make for some interesting experiments! Now that he’s older, the challenges have changed. We are still looking out for his welfare and still want to make sure he’s protected and safe. As long as we are able to do so we will always be there for him when he needs us. And I’m happy to say he still needs us from time to time!