Getting Real About Your Birth Plan: Is a Water Birth Right For You?

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Having a baby is a crazy, magical and potentially terrifying experience for a lot of women, regardless of your birth plan. There are a lot of unknowns when you have a baby—when will I go into labor, how much will it hurt, will my baby be…

Here’s Why You Need to V Steam Your Vagina

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Yes, you read that title correctly. And yes, steaming your vagina (or V Steam) is a thing. Like so many beauty trends and health fads, this one was made popular by a celebrity. As Fast Co. reports, Gwyneth Paltrow recently talked about v-steams…

Social Detox: The Archetype of Frienemies

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Imagine this scene: you’ve been dumped by your beau and there’s nothing you need more than the embrace and sympathy of a friend. But what if the friend is actually one of your frienemies who is more interested in making your life worse…

Make it Stop: 10 Ways to Combat Body Shaming

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We’ve reached an all-time low as a society and it’s called body shaming. While the definition is open, it’s a type of body shaming that has become prominent on the internet and in real life. One example is being told by an old lady at…

Aunt Flow: 8 Things to Know About a Menstrual Cup

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What the hell is a menstrual cup? Let’s back track. It’s that time of the month. Aunt Flow. Your monthly visitor. Being on the rag. No matter how you say it or what clever nickname you use, having your period is a total inconvenience.…
Hilary Clinton 2016 7 Reasons to Love the Prospect of a Female in the White House-MainPhoto

Hilary Clinton 2016: 7 Reasons to Love the Prospect of a Female in the White House

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Ah, the prospect of Hilary Clinton 2016. In case you hadn’t noticed, times are changing, and in so many ways this is really good news. We are lucky enough to exist during a time when our culture and our government are embracing monumental…

Women’s Health: The Art of a Happy Vagina

Your vagina needs your love. Yes, you heard us right. When it comes to women’s health, your vagina desperately needs you to pay attention to her, because guess what? There is very much such a thing as a happy vagina.  And loving your vagina…

15 Girl Scout Badges We Wish Existed

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To quote Amy Sedaris, “I am an aging Girl Scout.” I can still remember earning Girl Scout badges as a Brownie growing up in New Jersey. I looked forward to our troop meetings and activities and looked up to the older Girl Scouts with all…

Snack To Lose Weight

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve found it hard to lose weight even when you’re exercising regularly and are eating healthful foods. Because weight gain and loss are really a matter of simple mathematics (calories in versus calories…