Single Parenting: Good for Babies and Moms?

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss a Washington Post blog post about being a single mother on NPR's Tell Me More (which you can listen to here). It was interesting to hear other single mom's perspectives on the actual choice of becoming…

Breaking Mom’s Heart: A Daughter’s Guilt Over Moving Out

UPDATED August 1st, 2016 I've decided it's time to get my own place. But I feel an enormous amount of guilt over this. I concocted this plan after a ridiculous battle ensued between Mami and me. The culprit: a mountain of clothing. The…

Happy Cancer Chick: Comedy, Chemo and the Power of Positivity

Even though there is nothing inherently funny or joyful about cancer, Jenny Saldaña has made it her personal mission to find the bliss in life despite the challenge of such an illness. Jenny is passionate about using her experience as a…

I Survived Domestic Abuse & Violence

“Chris Brown, you can beat me!” some young girls tweeted. I was equal parts shocked, frightened, and disappointed. I’ve also seen the many jokes about Chris Brown’s abuse of former girlfriend and collaborator, Rihanna. I get that…

Tips to Help You Choose to Be Healthy

There is knowing what you need to do to be healthy and then there is doing it. And that’s just the rub for most of us, isn’t it?  We know what we need to do.  We rationalize not doing it for a moment, and that landslides into every…

An Open Letter to Demi Moore

  Dear Demi, I don't know you. So I ask you to forgive my false familiarity. We have New Mexico in common, and I know of people who knew you growing up in Roswell. From what I've heard, you had a rough start in this world. So I…

Handling The Pressure to Drop the Baby Weight

Jessica Simpson is in the news yet again—this time, for a lucrative deal she’s reportedly made with Weight Watchers to lose her post-pregnancy baby weight. You might think Simpson would be more wrapped up in, say, nesting—after all,…

Sh**t Girls Say to Girls with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor, actor and comedy writer Jenny Lidice Saldana has kept her sense of humor while battling breast cancer and turned her experience into this hilarious video, Sh*t Girls Say to Girls with Breast Cancer. This Happy Cancer…

To Fix Your Body, First You Must Fix Your Soul

It's funny how things are all connected, when you really sit down to look at them. Well, not funny in a comedic sense, but funny as in interesting. For years, I have had trouble controlling my impulses. Many people who knew me understood…