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10 Reasons to Donate During the Holidays

UPDATED November 7th, 2017 Looking for reasons to donate money, time or needed items, during the holidays? Here are 10 good ones! Read Related: How Volunteering Helps Build Empathy It’s not you. Sometimes, it takes seeing…

Happy Hobbies: 15 Leisure Activities to Make You Smile

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Were you asked recently what your hobbies were by either a new acquaintance or a possible employer and were left speechless? Who has time for a hobby when you’re raising children and working you might ask? You actually do have the time if…

Giving YOU: 10 Interesting Volunteer Opportunities to Try this Year

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Do you have a few spare minutes of your day to give to a good cause? There are tons of volunteer opportunities and organizations out there that need you, your time and your unique approach to getting the job done. Time and again we see how…
10 Ways Volunteering Builds a Child’s Character -MainPhoto

10 Ways Volunteering Builds a Child’s Character

Oscar Wilde once said: “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” Teaching your children to give their time to helping others is a great way to mold their character into something extraordinary. And as…
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How Volunteering Helps Build Empathy for Others

Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to other people´s feelings and circumstances. We live in an increasingly digitized world, in which emails, texts and other online forms of communication are taking away from face-to-face interaction.…
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St.Jude: Building Hope from a Promise

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Danny Thomas was a struggling comic in Detroit with a young wife and family. As he worked to make a name for himself, he visited a local church and prayed for guidance. “Help me find my way in life,” he promised St. Jude Thaddeus, “and…
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Spiritual Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is usually done out of a need certain people feel to help others and give of themselves because it brings them spiritual satisfaction. Knowing that your selfless acts of kindness have a positive impact on those around you is a…
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7 Family Activities that Focus on Giving

As parents, we can teach our kids to focus on giving and find joy in helping others. How?  The same way we’ve taught them everything else: begin at home and lead by example. Remember, the kids learned to brush their teeth by watching you.…
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5 Ways to Maintain the Spirit of Giving All Year Long

The holidays inspire us to open our hearts to the spirit of giving to others who have less than we do. But what happens after December 25? The homeless still need hot meals, children still get sick, and animals still need to be adopted. So…