Veg-Giving: 15 Vegetarian-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

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UPDATED November 1st, 2017 It’s almost Turkey Day but there’s still time to try out some tasty vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes. While this all-American holiday began as a celebration of peace between Native Americans and the original…

Legume Love: 10 Bean Recipes for Your Meatless Protein Fix

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Shrink your carbon footprint and your waistline by substituting bean recipes for meat once a week. There are other vegetable protein options but it's hard to beat beans in terms of nutritional value and most of us aren't eating enough of them.…

Nature's Cheese: What is Nutritional Yeast and How to Cook with It

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What is nutritional yeast? If you're vegan, you're probably already familiar with this non-dairy cheese alternative that may just be one of the breakout superfoods of 2016. Nutritional yeast doesn't sound particularly appetizing but it actually…

Ideas for an Easy & Delicious Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Some may consider a vegetarian Christmas dinner unthinkable but when you stop and think about it, most of the sides are already vegetarian anyhow! It's easier than you think to create a festive meatless feast so satisfying and delicious even…

Rock the Broc: 7 Kid-tested Broccoli Recipes that Always Win

We’re pretty much always trying to find ways to get our kids to eat more fruit, vegetables and lean protein. Everybody knows how important a healthy diet is for children so we, as parents, want to provide every opportunity for a well-balanced…

Coupling Diet Plans: Can a Carnivore and a Vegan Cohabitate?

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Sharing a romantic meal is the ultimate lovey-dovey act, but what if the guy you’re dating and planning to live with is a meat eater and you are a vegetarian or vice versa? Don’t let diet plans put a strain on your romantic relationship,…

Vegging Out in the Cold: 10 Winter Salad Ideas that Keep Things Cozy

We’re cold. For real. Around this time every year we’re pretty much over the snow and the wind and the draft from our decades-old windows and we know you get that way too sometimes. To keep warm, we fill our bowls with soups and stews…

What the Heck is Celeriac Anyway? 8 Celeriac Recipes to Demystify this Power Veggie

Called the ugly duckling of the vegetable world, celeriac’s warty, troll-like exterior might turn off the most adventurous eater, but in winter it’s a healthy alternative to potatoes and other starches. Also known as celery root, knob…

The Super Update: 10 New Superfoods to Eat Right Now

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It seems that every year there’s an even more exotic and new superfood, from the explosion of soy bean benefits to chia seeds’ wonders. Though some  of these dreamy new superfoods get proven to work more effectively than others with plenty…