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Heritage Recipe: Abuelita's Empanadillas (Mini Empanadas)

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Whenever I hear the word 'empanadas' I think of my abuelita, and whenever I think of my abuelita, I can picture her in the kitchen getting our meals ready. She cooked from scratch, so cooking for us was a day-long process. For freshness, she…

Smart n’ Tasty Salad for Busy Days and Evenings

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I’ve been wondering lately, which is busier, the summer or the school year? On one hand, activities during the school year seem to occupy a great deal of time and then, of course, there’s school on top of that. But our summer schedule…

The Lighter Side: Tuna Ceviche (Ceviche de Atún)

This is a simple and delicious recipe. Perfect for two as an appetizer! Ceviches are part of the national cuisines of many countries in Latin America and this recipe is a traditional Mexican one.  CEVICHE SECRETS The key is a good fish…