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Truth Chronicles: 10 Police Brutality Cases We Must Never Forget

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Recent deaths due to police brutality cases, like New York’s Eric Garner who died in a chokehold, have raised lots of anguished questions about where we are as a country on issues of race and police misconduct. It will also be hard to forget…

Hello Ello: 13 Facts to Know About the ‘New Facebook’

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Raise your hand if you hate Facebook (or all social media). And by "hate" we mean you are addicted to it, you check status updates every twelve seconds, and even though you are annoyed by the ads and the fact that your entire life is public…

Voting 101: 10 Surprising Facts About Election Day

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Election Day is fast approaching. As we enter into November, we’re preparing to exercise our civic duty and right to elect our officials and you should be too! In 1992 Gore Vidal wrote in Screening…

Terrorism Reality Check: 13 Things Every Latina Momma Should Know About ISIS

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The terror group ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has captured headlines and social media attention for their violent efforts to create an Islamic state in Sunni areas of Iraq and Syria, ruled by an extreme version (some say Medieval)…

Health First: 10 Facts You Need to Know About the Ebola Virus Channel: Health

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Lately it seems as if the whole world has been hit hard on all fronts. War and political strife in the Ukraine and Middle East are filling our airwaves and, on top of all that, the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa is all over the news…

10 Latina Politicians You Need to Know Now

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UPDATED August 1st, 2016 Not very long ago being a woman or being Hispanic was very different than it is today—in both cases you would have had to fight for some of your most basic civil rights. Thankfully, we have come a long way and not…

20 Political Debates that Affect the Lives of Latinas

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There are many political issues and debate topics that affect us all, of course, but the lives of Latinas are especially impacted these days. We feel it’s important to keep you informed about issues that affect you and your family so that…

What the Frack? 15 Facts You Need to Know About Fracking

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In a nutshell, hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, involves drilling several deep holes, connecting them with long tunnels, setting off small underground explosions to create fractures in the shale and pumping them at high pressure with a mixture…

12 Things You Didn’t Know About the Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal was officially opened on August 15, 1914 to create a faster, cheaper way of shipping merchandise between the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts. As a result, Panama gained independence from Colombia. Now, we’re in favor of independence…