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From 'Resting Bitchface' to 'Fish Gape': Face Trends to Know Now

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WTF is resting bitchface? Remember back in the day when you simply turned to face the camera to smile and that was that? All you could hope for was that your roll of film stayed intact and that you didn’t come out with your eyes closed in…

Sky Grubbin: The Best Airline Food Ever

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Let’s face it; airline food is as tasty as our memories of school cafeteria lunches sometimes. We all like to complain how insipid, even gross, airplane food is, especially when you are squeezed in economy class for eight hours trying…

Eyes Wide Open: New Illicit Drugs on the Streets Parents Need to Be Aware Of

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No mom wants to admit that her precious offspring would ever use illicit drugs. Unfortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports, "Most people use drugs for the first time when they are teenagers. There were just over 2.8 million…

The Great Inner Thigh Gap: Behold Thighbrows

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The latest body trend gone wild on the internet has to do with your inner thigh gap, and it’s called (brace yourself) the thighbrow. Now, before we explain it to you, be certain of two things: there isn’t any arched facial hair pasted…

Lip Service: Your Spring Color Trends Guide for Perfect Puckers

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Color trends aside, for some of us cinema fans, it’s hard to forget when Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s declared in the backseat of a New York city cab: “Hand me my purse will you, darling? A…

Chic Feet: The Women’s Sandal Update for Spring/Summer

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Oh the joy of women’s sandals. There’s really nothing more liberating than the barely there feeling of sandals on your feet, especially after a long winter of thick socks and heavy boots. Slip them right on and off you go, whether to the…

Fresh Eye: Makeup Trends for the Spring/Summer Seasons

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It’s makeup trends time, ladies. Whether you’re the type that only wears eye makeup during the week because it makes you feel more polished or on the weekends when you’re party bound,  you are already aware of the transformative powers…

10 Exciting Things About Hillary Clinton 2016

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Hillary Clinton 2016 became a reality on April 12 with the announcement that she's making her second bid for the presidency. After two years of buzz, speculation and talk of inevitability it has been one of the most anticipated campaigns in…

Cannabis Country Pros and Cons: What Might Happen if we Legalize Weed

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To legalize weed or not to, that seems to be the question. Whether you’re a pot smoker like Cheech & Chong or die-hard anti-Cannabis supporter, the opinion battle regarding legalization marijuana is a tough call no matter where you stand.…