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Narvaez Family’s Kite Fishing Adventure

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We’ve long been fans of the Narvaez family, following the adventures of single dad Jorge and his two adorable daughters, Alexa and Eliana on their YouTube Channel Reality Changers. In this recent video, Jorge takes the girls on a family outing…

TSA Packing Tips and Guidelines to Help Smooth Your Flight

The TSA has been charged with making travel safe for all passengers, much to the chagrin of some travelers who have come a little, uh, too close for comfort when frisked by TSA agents. Overall though, most people are more concerned with personal…

Mamiverse Guide to Cartagena, Colombia

These days Cartagena is often referred to as Latin America’s hippest secret. But true romantics have been traveling to this magical port city for centuries. Thanks to Colombia’s economic reawakening, the city is resurfacing as a playground…

Vacationing with Mom: 4 Valuable Lessons on How to Bond and Survive

In the spirit of love and unity, Mami, my sister, and I decided to spend quality time and take a vacation—together. And my one-year-old niece, who is attached to her mother's breast, literally. Three generations. Our destination: Miami,…

La La Land: The Perfect Family Vacation

LA is my current hometown and when girlfriends come to visit I have a routine down: Thai massages, Malibu hikes, swanky bars, groovy shops, trendy restaurants. All very fun activities, but not ideal for a family vacation. Read Related: Fun…

Kid Friendly Las Vegas: It Exists!

Las Vegas may be known as “Sin City,” but nowadays it looks more like “Kid City.” In the new, kid friendly Las Vegas, you’re bound to see parents hand-in-hand with their children. Whether they’re walking down Las Vegas Boulevard…

The Library: The Best Place to Entertain Your Kid in Summer

If you’re running out of ideas to entertain your children this summer, don’t overlook the city library. Your local branch provides the perfect opportunity to help your child keep up with summer learning—and it’s air-conditioned, a…

Mamiverse Guide to Cabo San Lucas

My friend called me recently and instead of saying "hello," she greeted me with those five words every new mami has uttered in desperation, "I. Need. To. Get. Away." That's exactly how she said it. A period after each distressed word. She…

Top Must-Know Family Friendly Vehicles!

I have a friend who swears she will put it in her wedding vows that she will never, ever drive a minivan. In fact, if her future husband even suggests it, the marriage is off and she gets everything. I personally think she is brilliant, fantastic,…