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Era of Awesome: How to Find an Airbnb Location for Your Dream Vacay

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We all dream of a perfect vacation—it’s what gets us through the day when work is insane, life is chaotic and we really really need a break. While once upon a time staying at a hotel was the only option, times have changed and these days…

9 Reasons why Colombians are Some of the Happiest People

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If you’re looking to explore a new country, then you might want to visit a destination that is known for having happy locals—after all, if people love living there it’s probably for a good reason. And at the top of the list of happiest…

Your New Go-To Hotels List for 2016

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New year, new travel goals. As we kick off 2016, the sad realization that the holidays have come and gone sets in, which means one thing: time to plan your next vacation. And we’ve got good news for you: there are a LOT of unbelievable hotels…

Out of Town: How to Spend the Winter Holidays in Your Bikini

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Sure, when it comes to the winter holidays there is something charming and festive about a white Christmas. Snow falling outside your window, warm sweaters and curling up in front of a fire while you sip hot cocoa all seem like appropriate…

Sky Grubbin: The Best Airline Food Ever

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Let’s face it; airline food is as tasty as our memories of school cafeteria lunches sometimes. We all like to complain how insipid, even gross, airplane food is, especially when you are squeezed in economy class for eight hours trying…

Go Now: 7 Life-Changing Trips to Take on Bus Lines or Trains

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Travel has always been an amazing opportunity to expand your experiences, to learn about the world and to have an adventure. Once upon a time, it was pretty easy to hop on a flight and see the world. Long before you had to worry about potential…

Bucket List Ideas to Book: 10 Places You Have to See Before You Die

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It’s undeniable that sometimes taking a break from reality and exploring the world can soothe your soul and re-invigorate you—which is why it’s time to get your bucket list ideas in check. 13th century famous poet Rumi once said “travel…

Farecasting: The Subtle Art of Being a Savvy Flight Price Predictor

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Why aren’t we all using a flight price predictor? We all go through the stress of not knowing whether to hit that ‘buy’ button on that pricy air fare or not. Should we wait to see if the price goes down further? But if we wait too long,…

Just Do It: How to Live Life and Avoid Having Regrets

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Everyone defines how to live life differently. We all handle that annoying little, unsatisfied voice in their head called “regret” differently. Some do it like the ultra-confident Jennifer Lopez who embraces mistakes as part of who she…