Thanksgiving Travel Hooky: 10 Tips to Get You Off the Hook

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Contrary to popular belief, not all Thanksgiving travel is a nightmare of traffic jams, delayed flights and crowded airports. If you plan wisely, it can actually be the best time to visit many popular tourist destinations while the masses…

Real Talk: 15 New Ways to Teach Your Kids About Gratitude

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As the holiday season approaches there are many things to look forward to—and teaching gratitude to kids should be high on that list. It's a time of year to gather with family, to treat yourself to a slice (or two) of apple pie, to relax,…

Cran-tastic: 15 Awesome Things You Can Make with Cranberries

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November 23 is Eat a Cranberry Day, which means you should be on the hunt for the perfect cranberry recipes. Now, we know you’re getting your fill on Thanksgiving (at least we are!) but why not enjoy cranberries recipes the rest of the year…

The Bird is the Word: 14 Unexpected Ways to Marinate a Turkey

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Regardless of how awesome your cranberry sauce or green bean casserole might very well be, on Thanksgiving it’s all about the bird—which is all about the turkey marinade. Guests will quickly forget the sweet yet savory sweet potatoes and…
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How Celebrity Parents Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Celebrity Baby Scoop! To celebrate the festve season, we asked some of our favorite celebrity parents what they are grateful for. From Holly Madison‘s first Thanksgiving with daughter Rainbow and her new husband,…
Books to Help You Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Children-MainPhoto

Books to Help You Celebrate Thanksgiving with Your Children

When I first moved to the U.S. as a child, the celebration of Thanksgiving was of course completely foreign to me. But the idea of setting aside an entire day to spend with family and friends, recounting all of the things for which we are…
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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Far From Home

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Celebrating Thanksgiving away from home has, for better or for worse, become the only way for me to do it. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. There are no gifts to worry about, no religious traditions to observe or break……
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Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts for a Joyful Day

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Observing some basic Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts can not only get you through the day, but make you feel more thankful for your family and loved ones, no matter how crazy, dysfunctional or annoying they may be. Read Related: 7 Tips to…
7 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving-Main Photo

7 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving

Wanting to merely "survive" Thanksgiving? Some people dread Thanksgiving, and I can’t blame them! You spend most of the year trying to avoid fat-laden food and pesky relatives and on the fourth Thursday in November, bam, you’re confronted…