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15 Flicks Set in High School to Rev Your Kids Up for Fall

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Ahh High School: you either hated it or it was the best time of your life. High School was a rite of passage for all of us, replete with changes and all the feelings and emotions that come with such change (#puberty). Because it’s so ripe…

15 Ways Your Latina Daughter Can Avoid the Teen Pregnancy Trap

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As any parent knows there is a LOT to worry about when it comes to raising your kids. Everything from sleep training and potty training to dealing with bullies and boyfriends, kids take a lot of work from the second they enter this world.…

15 Ways to Help Turn Your Teen Wallflower Into a Leader

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Is your teen one of the shy ones? There’s nothing inherently wrong with being introverted. In fact it can be a strength, but the teen years are already a time when kids tend to become much more self-conscious as they are developing their…
Excerpt: Throb, An Erotic Coming of Age Novel

9 Scary Realities About Sex & Your Teen

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For many, sex education was something learned from whispered conversations, the Playboy stolen from Dad’s dresser or a very generic description in Health class. No wonder we were eager to learn for ourselves. As parents, the memory of teen…

11 Reasons Your Teen Secretly Wants You to Be a Disciplinarian

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Being a teenager is a tough business. We know this. We remember it clearly, and yet when you think about the one thing that’s harder than being a teen—it’s being the parent of a teen. There’s an awesome expression out there (source…

5 Surprising Ways Your Teen Might be Getting High

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These days, teens have become increasingly resourceful when it comes to getting high. Remember when risky behavior meant toking up under the bleachers at school? (Are we dating ourselves here?) Your teen might be getting high in ways you never…
20 Things to Discuss with your Kids about Birth Control-SliderPhoto

20 Things to Discuss with Your Kids About Birth Control

On May 9, 1960, the birth control pill was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The pill was made by Chicago based company G.D. Searle Company and was commissioned by birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger. Both Sanger and pill development…
10 Things We Learned from Judy Blume-MainPhoto

10 Things We Learned from Judy Blume

From first periods to first kisses, from divorce to masturbation, from bullying to teen sex, the iconic young adult books of Judy Blume covered so many painful adolescent issues and yet made us laugh at the same time. Her characters were awkward,…

8 Things to Discuss When Your Pre-Teen Wants a Piercing

Piercing body parts other than ears has been gaining acceptance, and many consider it body art. Still, there are important health concerns that every parent should discuss when their pre-teen expresses interest in the latest piercing fad.…