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Youth Truth: 8 Ways to Think About Teen Parenting This Year

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Ahh, teen parenting—fair to say it’s no picnic sometimes, right? Little kids, little problems; big kids, well you get the idea. Those sweet little kids you’ve been raising, the ones that cuddle for a bedtime story and hold your hand…

Teen Queen: 18 Beauty Tips for Young Ladies on the Move

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Think back to the first time you tried to do your own makeup as a teen. Emphasis on "tried." Clearly beauty tips for teens matter, too. And if our memories of matte burgundy lipstick and purple glitter eye shadow (shudder) are any indication,…

The Birds and the Bees 2.0: 15 Ways Technology Changed How We Teach Kids About Sex

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Been dreading The Talk with your kid? When it comes to sex education for teens, some might say that if you’ve never had a rudimentary ‘where babies come from’ conversation, you’re probably too late and they’ve already heard it from…

Movin’ on Up: 12 Ways Kids Can Get Ahead Before Graduating High School

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The importance of learning life skills for teens beyond the classroom can’t be underestimated. Proper preparation for college, working, travelling or volunteering, can reap great rewards for high-school kids during those first lean years…

All Grown Up: 16 Adult Books for Teens They'll Love

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Have you ever wondered what the best adult books for teens to read might be? After spending all those middle school years keeping your kids away from literature about too-adult subjects, by high school there are fewer topics that are off-limits…

Ageless Reads: 15 YA Books that Grown-Ups Love Too

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There’s no getting around it: the best Young Adult books have gotten so much better than when we were actually young adults. Like maturing teens, we’ve all grown to the point that we can read the Harry Potter series or devour the Twilight…

Getting Testy: 15 Ways Latina Moms can Help Their Kids get SAT Ready

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High school can be stressful…and we’re not even talking about peer pressure or raising teens. Turns out, it’s no easy task preparing your children for adulthood. Especially when it is time for the dreaded “S” word—the SATs. Many…

The Safe Makers: 13 Ways Moms Can Help Kids Stay Out of Gangs

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When it comes to keeping our children safe and sheltered from youth gangs, we often feel helpless. Despite our feeling of powerlessness, educators and law enforcement officials agree that effective parenting and being a positive role model…

10 Reasons Why Parents Should Stop Getting Student Loans for their Kids

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Student loans suck. Collectively, we’ve got the equivalent of a Malibu mansion in student loan debt, so as a whole new generation is starting college this topic hits close to home. Even if you’ve been really good about saving money for…