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Basic Math Skills: How to Teach Your Kids Math With Money

In today's economy, new graduates and job hunters need all the advantages they can get, and most employers agree that they need workers with outstanding math and language skills. Unfortunately, Hispanic students lag behind their peers on…
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Back-to-School Night Do's & Don'ts

So you've made it through the start of the school year—the excitement, the anxiety, the shock of the alarm clock.  Now that you are into the back-to-school routine, it's time for that all-important Back-to-School (or Meet the Teacher)…

7 Homeschool Survival Tips For Busy Moms

When you are a mami, being organized is helpful. When you are a homeschooling mami, then being organized is mandatory. I’d like to say that I’ve really got it all together and that every day runs smoothly. But I don’t like to lie.…

Are Parents Always the Best Role Models?

Last October, my colleague sat with a boy of 16 and his mother for a required parent-teacher conference. The boy had failed his first quarter and was presently failing the second. When my colleague broke this news to the boy’s mother, she…
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Dealing With First Day Jitters As a Teacher

First day jitters? I spent hours preparing for my first day of school: choosing just the right outfit, sorting and re-sorting my newly-purchased supplies, carefully honing my greeting, researching the course curriculum—and sweating buckets!…
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Back to School Tips from Teachers

The start of the school year brings a flurry of activity and, often, a wave of anxiety. Along with the latest clothes, the fresh supplies, and the promise of a blank slate, there is also an undercurrent of worry—for both parents and students. Worry…

Is Your Child Ready for Advanced Placement?

The good news: more Latino high school students are enrolling and succeeding in elite Advanced Placement courses. The bad news: many students—of all ethnicities and races—are walking into the rigorous, college-level classes unprepared…

How Much Should You Trust Your Child's Teacher?

Karina Quezada knows what can happen when a parent places too much trust in their child’s teacher. In her native Mexico, a teacher berated Quezada’s eldest son for writing with his left hand. Later, in Houston, another teacher used her…