Carbonell-Sautéed Scallions with Mushrooms

Spring: Sautéed Scallions with Mushrooms

Editor’s Note: Scallions are in season and they’re a great springtime treat! Scallions are a lighter version of the onion, making them milder and sweeter to the palate. They aren’t overwhelming and don’t overshadow other ingredients…
Abuelita's Croquetas-MainPhoto

Holiday Finger Food: Abuelita's Chicken Croquetas

CROQUETAS: MY ABUELITA'S LEGACY I was raised, from the age of two, by my abuelita. She was a hardworking woman who never complained; the "superwoman" of yesteryear who made sure we had varied, nutritious, and delicious meals every day. Dinner…
Ham & Cheese Empanadas-MainPhoto

Ham & Cheese Empanadas: Empanadas de Jamón y Queso

Empanadas are a classic staple of Latin American cuisine but some of the fillings can be a bit overwhelming for small kids who have yet to develop a palate for "grown-up" flavors. For this reason, I created these simple but totally yummy fillings…