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Lower Housing Values May Impact College Enrollment

A recent study shows that families whose home values are on the rise are more likely to send their children off to college. The reason? They may enjoy a higher income, they could be using a home equity loan to pay for their kids´ tuition,…

Success, at What Cost? The Cowboy's Guide to Raising Boys for Single Moms

Of the many challenges that I face as a single mother, none is so daunting as finding a balance among all of those things that are important to me. Often, I fall short of reaching my goal to maintain a mindful equilibrium, especially when…

Daisy Fuentes Debuts New Line at Fashion Week

While many of us remember her as the veejay with rocking style and enviable hair, today she is a business mogul, designer, and a force in the fashion world. But throughout the evolution of Daisy Fuentes the veejay to Daisy Fuentes the brand,…

So You Want to be a Latina Mom Blogger?

If you want to be a Latina Mom Blogger, a mamiblogger, or monetize your current blog, you may want to read The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home. The authors are Audrey McClelland…

The Latina Behind The Latino List

How do you change the world if you’re still struggling to love yourself? How do you love yourself when you’re a young gay woman raised in a conservative Catholic family that believes homosexuality is wrong? For decades, Catherine Pino,…

The New Latina Blogger World

They are feministas and fashionistas, multicultural mamis and political pundits, cake-decorators and coupon-clippers. They are the rising ranks of Latina bloggers. And their voices are changing the digital landscape, offering an inside…

Latina Optimism Can Save America

My family and I were recently driving past a row of stately homes on the Connecticut shore. Now and then, my husband and I would comment on the architectural details we liked, like eaves, fish scale shingles, and fairy-tale turrets. In the…

Mom & Daughter Fashions

Mami is the original style icon. She is the family tastemaker and personal stylist, passing down matriarchal beauty secrets and fashion wisdom that you, in turn, pass down to your daughter. As a little girl you sat mesmerized watching her…

I'd Rather Be Home Than at the Oscars

The twins were 10-months-old and we were on our way to Mommy and Me. Simple enough, right? Wrong! Anyone who has had twins fully recognizes that this simple outing requires about two-and-a-half hours of planning, prepping, and coaxing just…