Hipsters: What Does That Even Mean?

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UPDATED June 17rh, 2017 The term hipsters gets tossed around a lot these days, and depending on where you live, chances are you’ve seen a few walking past you on the street. Or have you? What does it really mean to be a hipster? Does it…

Wedding Cake Ideas for the New Era

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Wedding planning can be a fun, but it can also be a lot of work, especially if you are trying to create an event that represents who you are as a couple, and will accommodate all of your guests, your goals and your budget. There are a ton…

Athleisure Stars: 7 Workout Clothes Brands That Make Exercise Chic

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If you like to work out, you like to be comfortable, but you also want to look stylish in your workout clothes, then there is really good news for you. Athleisure brands are making it chic to be fit, and this trend seems to be here to stay.…

Unexpected New Years Eve Looks That Will Turn Heads

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It’s almost a new year, and there’s never been a better time to embrace a new you, and experiment with some new looks. But don’t wait for 2016 to kick off your fresh face. New Years Eve looks are the perfect excuse to get creative with…

Tresses Stresses: 8 Ways You Are the Cause of Your Own Damaged Hair

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We’re all likely guilty of not paying enough attention to damaged hair. While a nice smile and clear skin can certainly make a big impression, a gorgeous head of hair gets people’s attention as well. And we’re not talking about a perfectly…

Volume Hacking: How to Make Hair Thicker Now

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How to make hair thicker is a question many ladies ask themselves every day. Healthy, shining, full, gorgeous hair is what some of us dream about. We see it on our favorite TV shows and in commercials; don’t we deserve long flowing locks…

Lips of Summer: 8 Best Lip Gloss Looks that Smolder

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When it comes to your summer beauty routine, it’s all about the shine—which means it’s time for the best lip gloss. This is the time of year to show off some skin, to embrace your wild wind-blown waves and to let your sun-kissed skin…

Braids for Days: 5 Braided Hairstyles to Try Right Now

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When it gets hot outside you’ll want to stick to fuss-free hairstyles that keep hair away from your face and still look chic. Enter braided hairstyles—yes those same hairdos you wore religiously when you were 10 years old. They haven’t…

Bra Rah Rah: The Best Bras to Wear Throughout Summer

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Oh summertime, we love you so. The fresh air, the long days, the bronzed skin…doesn’t get much better than that. If only we didn’t also have to deal with the dreaded boob sweat and perpetual (but often unsuccessful) search for the best…